Show & Tell. Artist Renee Boyd

Ceramicist Renee Boyd has been creating all of her life. Ever since she was a child she has been encouraged to use her hands. She now spends her days at her home studio continuing to use her hands in creating some of the softest feminine ceramic pieces. 

We met up with Renee and had a look around her studio. It was just as we imagined. Well organised, soft palettes of colour, little piles of experimental designs and the pitter patter of her sons feet across the studio floor. There is a nice warm feeling about Renee's studio - just like her work - easy, light and slightly botanical.

Take a peak at the images below to see for your self. You can always find her gorgeous pieces in the KINA shop as well as online

How long have you been creating? Has it always been in this medium?

Yes I studied ceramics at Unitec but was unable to finish the last year of my degree for financial reasons which meant I had to basically get a full time job. I was lucky enough to be offered a job straight from studying with a commercial ceramic factory in Parnell,  which was great and for the next 10 years I moved around various commercial production ceramic studio’s learning everything I could. From casting the clay to glazing the clay – from start to finish. I then completed my studies part time through Otago Polytechnic while slowly starting my own business.


Who taught you or how did you learn your craft?

see above


If you weren’t creating your art works what would you be doing?

Would have to be something else creative in another field


Have you passed your techniques onto others?

Yes I have taught a couple of  kid classes but I was hopeless so wasn't sure if I passed on any great techniques


Is there a specific piece you have created that is dearest to you heart? If so, why?

I always find it tricky to pick a specific piece, I usually like the latest piece that I'm working with because it's all new and the creative ideas start flowing


If you could plan your perfect day what would it consist of from start to finish?

I would be on holiday somewhere warm, white sand and clear water swimming and lazing around. Then night-time out to dinner, somewhere the food is delicious  and fancy cocktails and a really cool fit out to lounge around in.

Then off to see one of my favorite live bands in a venue with round tables fill of G. H. MUMM champagne


What is your favourite meal and who would prepare it for you?

Anything Japanese … love it and could happily eat Japanese style food for the rest of my life.


If you were to be an animal which one would you be?

I have always liked the north island little Robin ….there in the background doing it's own thing.