KINA's Opening Party

We love being back HOME!

It was a long three months of dust and shuffling, but we made it through. We are happy to be back in our space enjoying the sun shining through the window. The three months of hard work has definatly paid off. The gallery and shop is exactly what we had dreamed of.  If you have yet to pop in please do see- we would love to see you as well!

A big thank you to all of those who put in their hard work and talents to make this idea a reality.



Peppers Construction, Penisula Electrical Services, Taranaki Electrical Services, Coastal Coatings, SAM Design, Sign Design, Flooring Xtra, Nick Dunn of Project Objects, Frazier Flooring, McEldowney Builders.


Last but not least the owners of this gorgeous building we call home - Robyn & Graeme King

We could not have done it without you!