All of the Lights - Exhibition Opening

It was a busy evening for the New Plymouth art scene. We were one of the 3 openings on Friday evening - what a buzz around town! 


We are so happy to have the lighting show as our first official exhibition opening in our newly renovated space. It was the perfect way to show off the new gallery space - lighting lights and more lights!


A big thank you to all the artists participating in the show. We feel very privileged to have each and every piece in the exhibition. 


All of the pieces in this exhibition are for sale. Carmen Rogers artwork 'Untitled' is a silent auction (you can see it in the image below). If you are interested please contact a KINA sales associate, make a bid or phone at 06 759 1201.


and here are a few images of Che and Jacqueline putting the final touches on Carmen's piece.