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Wild Things, an exhibition at Kina

Kina Gallery invites you to an exhibition celebrating three artists from out of the region. Creating artworks that feature ‘Wild Things’, all three woman pull inspiration from freedom, spirit and traditional folk art.

Holly Roach blends her ongoing inspirations of New Zealand birds, surface design and screen printing. Her images often reflect her interest in mid-century modern design and folk art found in different cultures. Her paintings are formed by printing layer upon layer of pattern and shape created by cut out stencils. Although repetitive printing techniques are used each painting is a one off original work. 

Jo McLean’s ceramic sculpted birds represent a lightness of spirit, freedom and escape. Birds have the ability to inhabit two worlds, two elements simultaneously. She continues to find something compelling about their physical form and their spiritual essence that she wants to capture but that remains elusive.

Santie Cronje English has a body of work inspired by a commission called ‘Speak Softly’. This piece has the underlining story of finding our way in this big world, and meeting likeminded souls as we venture forth. The small vintage inspired paper bags are a wonderful medium to work on. Each little painting was inspired by the images or words on the bags. They all have a little story… from Flora who makes beautiful crab apple jelly to “Mimolette” the cheese maker and the naughty hare, called “Vagabond” who cannot resist the sweet smell of carrots.