Angela Tier - Animal Testing Series

Angela Tier - Animal Testing Series

Independent New Zealand Artist Angela Tier, continually explores universal experiences such as loss, grief and fear through her fine sculptures. Angela’s sculptural works are hand built using the coiling technique, in which coils of clay are gradually stacked and joined one on top of the other. “I like working in the coils as it's a very old technique.”

Animal Testing Series 2021

How often when you go shopping do you know that what you are buying may have been tested on animals? Have you seen cows with windows in their sides grazing in a paddock and done a double take? Are you a cat lover and aware that there are cats living in cages their entire lives to test out dietary needs for your free roaming kitty? Not many people will care too much about snakes that are bred for their venom which is turned into pain medication, but is taking animals out of their habitats right? Many people are aware of Jane Goodall's efforts to save the chimpanzees from laboratory cells; their lives in these environments she explained in her gentle approach was unnatural, unnecessary, and unethical.

These animal test pots reflect on some species that have been used in animal testing. Do animals feel pain? Does their physiology or psychology really reflect humans? Is all animal testing necessary? These are some of the questions that came to mind when making these test pots. The finished object compares the functional purpose of these lidded jars with the subjective concerns. The hesitation from delicateness and the uneasy sound made while using these makes you doubt your purpose.

The pop of colour is an alluring surprise, representative of the researchers’ motivation of collating data from animal testing. The suffering and caging of animals would have to be ignored for information. The sound and hesitation when using these animal pots for whatever purpose you choose will also have to be ignored.

Will you remain objective in seeing these pots as sculpture or will they become functional domestic ware? A lingering keepsake reminding us that we have conscious choices to make every day.

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