Rae van't Hof 'From the Collection of the Artist'

Sometimes life changes and we need to let go of some things. 
Never say never, but Rae’s studio has now closed so this could be the last opportunity to purchase one of her works.

In making the decision to move to a Retirement Village last year, Rae needed to accept that there just wasn't going to be room for a studio, let alone completed paintings. After exhibiting for nearly 50 years, the decision to quit wasn’t taken lightly. 
However she retained several paintings that she didn't really want to sell but the paintings have spent months in storage. Rae has decided that the work is too good to keep stored, so she has selected some for her exhibition at Kina.

The subject matter for the paintings varies geographically between Taranaki and the artist’s beloved Central Otago. 

Rae has often added a little humour in the titles of her work such as a painting of a woman about to throw a stick to her dog, called “He’s very quick and plays like a loose forward”. Another features two people watching cricket called “Here at Pukekura Park, Excitement is Building”. The morning newspaper often provided wonderful titles. 

Rae’s paintings are easily recognisable because of the emphasis on composition, the dramatic balance between light and dark and her simplistic approach to colour. She has always admired the work of Robin White, Don Binney and McCahon. Now 75, she was lucky enough to be painting in the 60’s and 70’s and was influenced on what was toured in such exhibitions as the Benson and Hedges Art Award. 

So with regard to finished work and exhibitions it's a case of "never say never”. In the meantime, it is enough to be outside drawing the landscape or working on her drawing skills with charcoal.