We proudly introduce the unique and inspired works of Helena Andersson. Helena utilises an eclectic range of materials including precious and semi precious metals in a combination with natural materials such as pounamu, wood, bone and precious stones. We had the pleasure of asking talented jewellery artist, Helena Andersson about what makes her tick and what her creative process looks like.

Do you find there to be similarities between the Swedish culture and environment and New Zealand?

I do and I don't! Similar space for the amount of population but in Sweden there are more old forests which I love to walk in. That is one of the things I miss most in NZ; being able to walk freely in any forest. Here we have beautiful beaches which gives you the sense of freedom too but to me it's a different feeling.
Culture. I have been fascinated by the Pacific and Māori
culture since I first came to NZ. Love that it's in everyday life!
Something to be proud of.
Swedish culture seems a bit bleak but I have been brought up in it so I guess I take it for granted. I do love the Swedish traditions and there is something to celebrate each month. Always something to look forward to.

You work with a diverse range of materials in your jewellery. What initially draws you to create works from the materials?

I always been curious and want to try new ideas and materials. I get restless doing the same items over and over again but of course it's a privilege to be asked to make something again and to find out what customers like and appreciate. Most of my pieces I can't duplicate but I can make a similar piece in the same style. I like the idea of each pieces is special and unique.

If you could visit one place over a Kiwi Summer, where in Aotearoa would you go and why?

My favourite spot in the North Island must be Freedom camping at Tologa Bay on the East Coast. It's only 45 minutes drive from Gisborne but it feels remote and the beach is beautiful. Slower pace of life!