Artist - Sam Broad

Sam whittles, sketches, frames, hangs, tutors, talks, hacks, glues, mentors, sculpts, bitches, prints, collects, sells, rants, sobs, sits, stares, murals, illustrates and works in art 6 days a week. He loves patrons, barely tolerates commercial art directors, is wary of public gallery curators, can wrestle fellow drunk artists when he has had a few, but often ignores their shows due to jealousy and envy. Sam balances his frame making business with a small amount of art creation and also many commercial design and illustration jobs the most public of which is some carpet designs for Wellington Airports southern pier, feel free to tread on them next time you visit. Sam has never asked for funding or won an important art award in New Zealand. He describes his work as Pop Misanthropic Humanism blended with Colonial Tea Party Detritus.

His wood cuts can also be seen on t-shirts by Mr Vintage, his art is visible within the normal spectrum, at the speed of light like everyone else’s photons, and he feels art which is baffling, elitist, over funded, ugly and requires reading material has dominated our institutions for too long; his response is to provide beautiful, joyous, literal and self-explanatory work which is simply the best.