Artist - Rachel Lambert

I have been drawn to making objects for as long as I can remember. Starting with clay as a child in my father’s studio then anything I could get my hands on to imagine into another form. Nine times out of ten they became necklaces….. sometimes objects for my dolls house.

On leaving school I had no great desire to study at university or any other institute, so I started working in hospitality, which I really enjoyed. Still, in my spare time I was playing with materials and making. Soon enough though I decided on a jewellery techniques course at M.I.T. in Auckland. Where I learnt all the basic techniques of the jewellery trade. I made my decision then to continue in that field.

Over the years following my studies finishing in 2001, I was lucky enough to be invited to participate in exhibitions and sell my work in a few galleries around New Zealand. Later on I caught the travel bug, basing myself in the UK for six years where I worked as a bench jeweller for an independent jewellery store.
The jewellery I have made over the years has varied greatly. From Maori/Pacific inspired pieces, organic shapes and natural materials to traditional jewellery; goldsmithing, gem setting, jewellery alterations and repairs. I enjoy every part of the jewellery making process, from simple to complex, there is always plenty to learn.

My surroundings have played a huge role in inspiring me to create; from the materials I choose to work with and the changing natural environments to my experience of life and influential relationships. The hope I have in creating jewellery is that it draws you in to hold it. Like an amulet, comforter or a touchstone; it feels protective, comforting and helps the wearer feel more themselves.