Artist - Paula Coulthard

Paula Coulthard is a mixed media artist, combining fabrics and painting to produce artworks that have the presence of an object but are designed for the wall. Paula has evolved to become more of a painter through practice. I am still very interested in texture of surface and like my art to be alive in a 3 dimensional way.

Paula finds her inspiration in the New Zealand landscape and in New Zealand history. She is always watching the light and the way it changes the landscape.She is inspired by early New Zealand art from both Pakeha and Maori, and especially the areas where these cultures overlap.

Paula has a deep connection to the land, and loves the wilderness and the idiosyncratic landscapes. Her interest lies in the coming together of cultures and the art that comes from the mix.

Paula Coulthard is based in the Wairarapa "I endeavour to capture the pioneering spirit and rugged beauty of New Zealand and its people."