Artist - Natalie Salisbury

Natalie loves nothing more than to sit at her bench and to become lost in the making of each piece. 
Creating wearable pieces of work to adorn and decorate the body has always been her focus, keeping it simple, delicate and beautiful she translates her references and research into pieces of work that vary in both the processes used to design them but also the materials chosen to make them.
Her collections explore pattern, repetition and texture, and much of her work involves a strong focus on rich floral aesthetics.
Currently Natalie has been moving in a new direction - finding delight in rough textures and one-off pieces - check out her Future Artefact and Glow collections.

The new GLOW Collection is one of the latest suites of work from Natalie, taking inspiration solely from Aotearoa's magical Glow Worm Caves.
Natalie has been living and creating in New Zealand for just 6 years, though has been constantly amazed by it's intrinsic beauty and sources of creative fuel...and it was in Winter 2016, before the birth of her first child, that the Glow Worm Caves of Te Anau enchanted her.
Since returning to the bench after that time, Natalie has spent time exploring processes of reticulation and granulation, including the fusing of silver and yellow gold to one another. It has been during these explorations that the final ideas and designs within the GLOW collection were finally realised.
Kept simple in format, yet with many levels of texture and depth, this collection speaks of nature and of history. It speaks, as much as it can do by a relative visitor here, of integral and natural New Zealand.