Artist - Melissa Young

These pieces come from the collection titled ‘Through the Looking Glass’. It is centred around Melissa’s vices, the reflections of herself…. chocolate, tea and bubbly!

Chocolate - "I haven’t been able to control this demon and have limited neither my daily nor weekly intake…"

Tea - "On the days I go running, I get up early and I am on the go for around three-and-a-half hours, before I get a chance to have a sit down. So when 9am arrives I am hanging out for ‘my cuppa’ and a ten minute break. It’s my ‘arrrhh’ moment and it gets me over the hump so that I feel calm and ready to tackle the rest of my ‘to do’ list."

Bubbly - "A few years back I decided I wanted to limit my alcohol; now a bottle of wine can last from Friday - Sunday. I don’t think I was drinking excessively but I just didn’t want to become reliant on it giving me relief from all the crazy days you can have in a week. So when Friday arrives and I do have a glass - bubbly
is my first port of call."