Artist - Marita Green

Marita Green's creative history has been in sculpting, but over the last two years she has been making functional-ware. As the Mum of two boys, she makes things that work aesthetically and functionally in her home, with the hope they fit in to others’ as well.

"There is a real place for hand-made things in a sea of mass production."

Marita works on a manual Leach pottery wheel from the ‘60s, and the physical process of her work is integral. Marita creates objects as authentic and honest as possible.

-  All functional-ware is food-safe, using only food-safe commercial glazes.
-  All functional-ware is in Earthenware clay. Hand washing is recommended and not microwaving for longevity. Having said that, Marita runs all her own work through the dishwasher at home because it is more convenient.
-  All jewellery is made in vitrified porcelain, because it is the strongest type of clay.