Artist - Kyla Cresswell

Born in 1974, Kyla Cresswell grew up in the south of New Zealand and studied printmaking at the Otago School of Art. Time living and working overseas, saw her influenced by the aesthetics of Japan and inspired by the minimal, wintery landscape of Europe and Canada.

Kyla’s delicate work explores the physical impact of the elements on the environment as well as the consequences of human occupation of the land. Working mainly in mezzotint and drypoint, she strives to find a sense of stillness and a quiet celebration of nature.

In 2006, aspiring to develop a supportive environment for works on paper in Wellington, Kyla opened Solander: works on paper Gallery. In 2009 she was joined by two other directors and later stepped away from the gallery to focus on family. Kyla now works from her home studio on the south coast of Wellington.
Kyla has exhibited in New Zealand, Australia, the United Kingdom, Japan and Canada and her work is held in private and public collections around the world.