Artist - Kirsty Nixon

“I think if art is part of you, it finds you at a very young age.”

Although Kirsty drew and painted as a child she first took art seriously painting watercolours at the age of 18. She spent her early working career in the advertising industry, however the artistic pull was strong and she chose to become a full time artist in 1997.

Kirsty now paints mostly in acrylics but is really pleased that watercolour was her medium of choice at the beginning. It is the best medium for teaching you discipline and patience. In 1994 she switched to acrylics and has been enjoying their freedom and impact ever since. Although she has explored other subjects, she is constantly drawn to the New Zealand landscape in its various guises. Her imagery often brings the native bush to the foreground to give the feeling of stepping into the scene, the coastline or horizon often just within reach in the background. New Zealand birds are a strong feature currently, the tui and cheeky fantail playing a starring role in their native environments.

Kirsty lives in Auckland with her husband and two children.

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