Artist - Elsie Fourie

Elsie Fourie is an incredibly inspiring and gifted artist who has a unique ability to create the most amazing artworks out of any medium that she approaches, whether it be jewellery, ceramics, sculpture or painting.

All of Elsie's creations, no matter what medium she uses, inspire a sense of joy and happiness to the viewer.
Most of her art incorporates faces, either single or paired. Sometimes her work is realistic and other times whimsical but they are always so joyful and colourful. She doesn’t start out with a concept in mind, her artworks just develop as she progresses with them, she has no idea what the end result will be so this is the exciting surprise factor she says she hopes the viewer will also enjoy.

Elsie was born in South Africa but later on moved to the USA. It was here that she started exploring silver and gold smithing. For many years Elsie concentrated on making jewellery.
A shift to New Zealand saw Elsie continue creating jewellery but it also reignited her love of pottery and sculpture work. At present this is her focus.

"My inspiration comes from nature and faces. Faces to me are like life, there are many layers, sometimes it makes sense and sometimes it doesn’t.
Each piece is formed out of my own life experiences and the joy and sadness born from them, but my desire is that they can be interpreted from the viewer’s own heart perspective.
I am drawn to 'humble materials' which I can transform into something precious. I never tire of this 'transformation' but believe the transformation is never complete until it reaches the owner."

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