Artist - Darryl Robertson

Darryl’s Painting, Sculpture and Ceramics have been exhibited nationally and internationally.

As a young child Darryl found fascination in the many stained glass windows, sculptures and architecture within his surrounds and also the early paintings and sculpture in the local Suter Art Gallery, Nelson.  He visited both places as a child many times. The young Darryl was always amazed and excited looking at art. At the time he did not understand what evoked the exciting powerful emotions, but later as a working artist he completely understood why he felt that way about these artworks. Now he can see how his own artworks effects people of all ages.

What started as making pottery later evolved into a more expressive painted ceramic art. This made way for painting on canvas and sculpture.  A natural progression for him.
Good fortune enabled him to train in high quality Studios in New Zealand, Australia and England and travels through many countries seeking art, artists and artistic expressions of many kinds. These life-expanding experiences helped him re-evaluate the way he would aim to create art from that point on. For now Darryl creates both painting and sculpture alternating between the two mediums.

‘’To change mediums is always refreshing, cleansing, exciting and creatively motivating. It keeps me interested and excited to create.''

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