Artist - Amy Hoedemakers

On the northern edge of the Canterbury Plains, you will find Amy in her studio. Nestled in the natural landscape that provides much of the inspiration for her abstract landscape paintings, this established artist creates paintings that allow the viewer to enter and wander within.

Her work is familiar to aspects of the New Zealand landscape, yet not entirely obvious to specific places. The water appears translucent as though we can see through it to what lies beneath and what’s there is left to our imagination. We are compelled to look into the deep dark pools of her paintings and are drawn in towards luminous colour.

We can see where she has scraped back the paint and applied more, creating exquisite, transparent layers. She allows the paint to run and yet there is no doubt that the runs are part of the landscape.

Her paintings draw us in, inviting us to linger, leaving behind our busy lives for a moment. Amy’s paintings give us a glimpse into another world, a sanctuary, a place to rest.