The Parson Bird...
Jo Gallagher

The Parson Bird...

The tui or parson bird (Prosthemadera Novae Zealandia)

The early colonists named it the ‘parson bird’ in allusion to the peculiar tufts of white feathers that adorn its throat, and their fancied resemblance to the clerical bands.

Flowers in the Holy Bible symbolize different aspects of  life and beauty. The white lily represents purity and divinity, the red rose is a symbol of martyrdom and the passion flower represents Christs passion and crucifixion.

This series of work use the native tui as both subject and object. They have been given a character and a starring role in order to voice my interest in the idiosyncratic and distinctive world we live in.

Acrylic on board.

Dimensions: 600mm round