The Pathway Home
Susan Haywood Smith

The Pathway Home

The Pathway Home is an acknowledgement of both the fragility of and interdependence between the ecosystems of the ocean and the land.  If this balance can be retained then our environment, our home can have a chance.  

Nestled with a fern frond is a shell from Piha beach, near Auckland, New Zealand.  This delicate while shell is prolific there, glistening against the black sands of the West Coast.  Surounding the frond are textures, representative of the wild coastal grasses.

These images are for Suan very symbolic of New Zealand.  She frequently visits Piha, taking long walks along the rugged coast. "As I breathe in the beauty of this relatively untouched land, I take pride in being part of an environmentally proactive culture."

Photopolymer Intaglio Print

Edition of 150

210mm x 210mm