Parihaka III
Karen Sole

Parihaka III

Born and schooled in Hawera, Karen felt the shadow of the mountain and the forgetfulness of our history. As a teenager she could have told you about the industry in dozens of English towns, but nothing of New Zealand history, not even Parihaka yet so close to home.

“I paint because words are not enough. These works represent my feelings about Parihaka as an idea, a pivotal historical chain of events, and a deep sense of place: Taranaki, under the mountain, and what it meant and has come to mean. Also the sense, at the time I created these paintings that we, in Aotearoa - New Zealand need to resist again. Peacefully. With joyful rage.”

Parihaka III is redolent of the sorrow and pain of desecration, scattering of people, breaking up of community, incarceration and death. The essence of colonisation. 

Acrylic on Canvas - Framed

440mm x 540mm