My Underground Deli
Flying Kiwi

My Underground Deli

Jess’ latest labour of love – a behind-the-scenes journal of life in her buzzing Herne Bay, Auckland, deli, with everything from Middle Eastern mezze to turmeric fish tacos, plus plenty of crowd favourites in-between. She even shares the recipe for her much-coveted oaty ginger slice, which many customers deem “the best they’ve ever had.”

The recipes are mouthwatering, accessible and don’t require a plethora of obscure ingredients. But they also challenge the budding domestic goddess to think slightly outside the square – pairing goats’ cheese with honey, for instance? Roasted grapes in a salad? Or popcorn coated in salted caramel with fresh thyme. Yum!

Publisher : Jess' Underground Kitchen

Paperback, 245 pages