Honey for the Bee
Angie Dennis

Honey for the Bee

Honey for the Bee’s 

Once again the bee features in this piece.  In my research I found out that the bees have favourite colours they are attracted to: blue and yellow. The four circles represent the fine balance and interaction of our ecosystems. They also represent four small things I’d like to try and do to protect the future of the bees and the flora and fauna in general: use less plastic, buy local honey, use less chemicals and plant more flowers (in particular blue and yellow around the garden!).

Media: Fine Art Print on archival 100% cotton paper UV Light Fast inks

Unframed A3 - matted ready for framing: 297 x 420 mm

Framed A2 - 420 x 594 mm (print size) and 770 x 600 mm (frame size)