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Ceramics NZ Magazine

Ceramics New Zealand magazine is published twice a year but is designed as a collector's item so will be timeless. 

It is considered the ‘grandchild’ of the NZ Potter Magazine as the NZ Ceramics Associations history links up with this old magazine which stopped publishing in 1998. Ceramics Association then continued publishing a magazine called Clay News then Ceramics Quarterly (both Clay News and Ceramics Quarterly were only available to makers). 

This first issue of Ceramics New Zealand has been well received by the art community with articles by Emma Bugden, Philip Clarke, Justin Paton and Sarah McClintock.

The biggest shift with this magazine is that its audience is the maker and the collector. Phillip Clarke's essay will turn into an ongoing column about how the collector is an important part of the ceramics community in New Zealand.

To help with the collectability of the magazine, each issue will be a different colour so as to sit nicely on your shelf as a set. Just like NZ Potter, the magazine really will not date.

230mm x 170mm

45 pages