Last Laugh
Angie Dennis

Last Laugh

Fine Art Print signed by artist Angie Dennis.

Available in A3 size on a foam backing board and matt, ready for framing.

Many stories are told and problems solved over a cup of tea! Angie's paintings for 2016 were inspired from moments in history.   Angie believes pictures speak louder than words, so she invites you to ponder over the images and she hopes they initiate some conversation and perhaps even your own historical stories.

“Last laugh” The pieces in this painting represent the extinction of the Laughing Owl (Maori name Whekau) thought to be due to the European settlers arriving in New Zealand as a result of bringing cats and dogs.  The teal cup - inspired by the turquoise Crown Lynn cups commission for Air New Zealand in 1965 and the English rose. The last laugh is with the owl, who is clutching the dog or cats collar.