NZ Robin with Weta
Adam Clarke

NZ Robin with Weta

Limited edition print of 100, A3 size. 

Adam Clarke is an artist specialising in the portrayal of New Zealand Birdlife. Graduating with a fine arts degree from Elam Art School in 2002, pencil is now his chosen medium of expression. The portrayal of birds has become a consuming passion for Adam during recent years, and his ultimate desire is to produce a book illustrating 30 native New Zealand Birds.

Before commencing a drawing, Adam seeks to first acquaint himself personally with a bird subject in its wild habitat. Photographs are gained, and much time is spent simply observing the bird within its own environment.

Adams bird drawings reflects a personal encounter between the artist and his subject. By choosing to translate his experiences into lasting impressions through his art, Adam pays tribute to the primordial beauty of birds.