Vicky Lord Exhibition

THE COLOUR OF LIGHT presents an exhibition of paintings by Vicky Lord, on board and canvas offering new perspectives on our natural surrounds. Both the paintings and the artist’s process present an energy not dissimilar to a jazz composition or interpretive dance. This painted exploration at times feels microscopic and at others times as if viewed from a great distance. The works capture seasonal shifts alongside the obscurity and ambiguity present as a day begins and ends. A seeing of what is there and what isn’t.

Lord began painting in this abstract style a few years ago with a fascination for the juxtaposition of control and freedom, and has continued to hone her instinct for the balance of positive and negative space, and for colour and form within any given composition. She describes a sense of calm that comes from letting go in the early stages of her work, then a notable shift to a flowing energy as the work takes shape and then intentionality as a final cutting-in colour is applied. And it is easy to see these states and respond to the completed work in much the same way. Stand back and you are calmed. Get up close and you’ll discover pockets of energetic movement within the layers of paint.

Influenced by the colour pairings and expressive mark making of Abstract Expressionists in 1950’s America, the likes of Joan Mitchell, Mark Rothko and Helen Frankenthaler, Lord’s abstract botanical creations present imagined landscapes as we are reminded of plant forms and petri dish specimens. Yet at the same time, they also appear to take on kinetic qualities as shapes intersect and dance across the surface. Lord also cites Alexander Calder’s sculptural works and Henri Matisse’s cut-outs as key influences.

Residing in Taranaki, Auckland born and Wellington trained artist Vicky Lord is a curious creative using painting and design on a daily basis to communicate and connect with others. Vicky describes her painting practice as integral to well-being, self-exploration and expression. Using painting as a tool for communication with the self, about the self and as a reflection of her surroundings. Her work is inspired not only by her natural environment, but also her children, music and the work of other creative innovators, together with a vital imagination, a strong internal voice and as a means to reflect on current events and climate change.

Outside of her own painting practice, Vicky Lord is a designer and arts-based learning facilitator with a passion for sharing with others the power of creativity to cultivate change. Time and again, she has seen and felt the positive shifts for herself and others in well-being, productivity and innovation through engagement in creativity. And she often notices a cross-over between her professional and personal work with inspiration flowing in both directions.

THE COLOUR OF LIGHT is most simply, an exhibition of colour, form and light. Opening Friday 7th June, 5pm at Kina Gallery, 101 Devon Street West, New Plymouth. Exhibition runs until 2nd July.

Vicky Lord will also present an Artist’s Talk in the gallery on Sunday 9th June at 1pm. If you are in Taranaki for the 2019 Arts Trail (8-10th June), be sure to pop into Kina for this show.