Tyler Jackson - Where am i now?

New Plymouth born, Wellington based artist, Tyler Jackson, will exhibit new work from his reductive sculptural installation practice, enquiring into the perception of light and colour. It will be his first exhibition at KINA NZ Design + Artspace with his exhibition titled, Where am i now?
The exhibition will feature a selection of abstract wall relief sculptural paintings, blurring the boundaries of the two mediums to intersect as unified visual objects commanding the interaction of light and colour. The artworks are for the most part highly saturated abstract three dimensional forms including an homage to the black monochrome and a ‘light space modulator’, where colour modulates according to viewers position within the gallery.
Jackson moved to Wellington four years ago to undergo his Bachelors of Fine Arts with Honours. During his study, Jackson was the recipient of the R T Nelson NZ Emerging Artist award. Hosted by the NZ Art Show, the national award is given to four recipients each year across New Zealand. Since finishing his study, Jackson and four others have opened their own artist run gallery and studio space in the Wellington CBD, “play_station”, to showcase other emerging and established contemporary artists across New Zealand. He continues to be based in Wellington, where he is focusing his time exhibiting in both solo and groups shows across New Zealand.

Where am i now?
24 March – 18th April 2017
Kina NZ Design + Artspace
101 Devon Street West
New Plymouth