Thought Forms, an exhibition from Rachel Lambert


Rachel returned to New Plymouth early this year after living and working in the UK for 6 years. Returning home is always a transitional time of reconnecting with people and place. Connection as an idea features strongly in this new series of work: connection between energy, matter, creative process and its physical manifestation. Rachel also refers to the laws of attraction which in a philosophical context is based on the relationship between our thoughts (negative/positive, conscious/unconscious) being made from a pure energy which ultimately defines us.

The process of making work for many artists is a personal journey – forging thought and feeling into something tangible.

In Thought Forms, Rachel will be presenting an exquisite range of jewellery working with materials such as antler, semi-precious stones, pearls, enamel and silver. The result is a unique collection of items to hold in the hand, to keep, to wear, to treasure and to pass on.

The installation of Rachel’s work will be presented with the generous support of  Vintage Industries, New Plymouth. 

Exhibition Opening Friday 2nd August 5pm.