Soho Candle
Soho Candle
Soho Candle

Soho Candle

The Soho concrete candle collection is FUME's signature range of candles. Each concrete vessel is made by hand, sanded and sealed for enduring protection.  A coconut and soy blended wax is poured into each vessel and is powered by a laminated wooden wick to compliment the concrete aesthetic, while optimising the scent throw when burning. 

Size: 300g / 8.5cm h x 10cm w
Burn time: Approx 40 + hours
Total Weight: 750g

BLUSH Floral bouquet of spring and exotic flowers throwing blooming fragrance
Constance Delicate and sweet - infused with lychee fruit off-set with camellia leaf

CRAVE Ripe fruits - exotic tones of pomegranate, fig with a hint of cranberry
Hope Floral and tarty - evenly infused frangipani and citrus 

JUDAS Earthy, woody and spicy - sensual and masculine with patchouli, cedarwood and amber

MADONNA Sweet and spicy - infusions of frankincense, bergamot and musk with hints of cinnamon