Artist - Fane Flaws

Fane Flaws is a New Zealand artist and songwriter. 
Essentially a mark maker - everything else follows from whatever skill he has developed through drawing.  He draws on anything from paper to demolition timber, from air to hard drives, with anything from pens to found objects, guitars to voices... of course there is always the problem of where to put the paint/notes.

Wooden Cutouts
"I guess these demolition-timber/found-surface forms could be described as my bread & butter as there is a constant demand for them and they allow me to explore my more eccentric ideas in other areas, especially music - which seems to earn me nothing. I do not make perfect things - they are more like drawings which are esssentially loose as my patience for craftsmanship is woeful - I do enjoy the physical process of getting out around the recycling yards and hunting out unusual profiles and colourways, cutting up everything into workable sizes and making a timber collage which is then cut into a simple shape."