CUP Exhibition December 2020

We're celebrating the simple CUP. 

Humble as it is, needed and loved by all, the functionality or just the idea of the cup, this hand-held vessel is widely interpreted by national ceramic artists for our end of year group exhibition.
Each artist has literally stamped their unique style into each and every CUP and we're expecting a bit of a rush on the opening as you can pay and take-away!!

Featuring: Aaron Scythe, Alex Wilkinson, Brendan Adams, Claire Tane, Duncan Shearer, Emma Zhang, Galit Maxwell, Helen Perrett, Janeen Page, Jenny Wilson, Joelle March, Katie Jenssen, Larissa Goodwin, Leigh Anderton-Hall, Libby Cameron, Lindsay Doebler, Marita Green, Martha Blanche-Sidonie, Melissa Mead, Monique Taylor, Paige Jarman, Paul Maseyk, Steve Fullmer, Sophie Holt, Sue Dasler, Snowfox Ceramics. 

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