Local artist Marita Green returns to Kina Gallery with becomingApart, a solo exhibition of over 100 pottery mugs.

In this impressive body of work Green explores the ceramic technique of Mishima, a traditional Korean method of pottery decoration. Fine lines are cut into clay and inlaid with a contrasting colour. Unlike glazing, where the ceramic surface carries adornment, this decoration becomes a part of the body of the pot itself.
Which is an apt metaphor for Green’s typically autobiographical work: Averse to the superficial and intently authentic.

Adding to the significance of the collection, Green produced each of the 100 mugs over consecutive days as part of the “100 Days Project”. The project is wonderfully simple, and yet deceptively challenging, with two simple rules: To repeat a simple creative task every day for the duration, and record each days effort.

becomingApart is the result of that process, where Green honed her skill of Mishima through character illustration, pattern making and still-life drawing; all on the surface of clay.

But don’t be fooled by the familiarity of the mug form, or the volume of work.
Each mug is an individual and intensely produced piece of artistry that Kina is thrilled to present.

becomingApart opens at 5pm on Friday 24th February & runs until 21st March

This collection is empty.