Balancing Act - an exhibition at Kina Gallery

Kina Gallery presents Balancing Act, a group exhibition of small sculpture, drawing and illustration.

Melissa Young is well known to Kina audiences for her exquisite small bronze sculptures.  In this new group show Melissa will be accompanied by a series of paintings by globally known artist/illustrator Sarah Wilkins and Wellington artist/ jeweller Camille Walton. 

Sculpting since 1993, Melissa generally works in bronze cast using the lost wax method.  She enjoys playing around with figures and objects, finding the right balance between the forms, and exploring what works or doesn’t. “I think I have always had a knack for spatial awareness - I am the one who packs the luggage when we go away, maximising the space available in the boot of our car”.  By default Melissa’s inspiration has come from her family.  Since becoming a parent, parenthood, the antics of her family and finding the right work/life balance have provided her with a lot of material to draw from. Being creative has allowed Melissa to vent her frustrations in a very healthy way. “A lot of my work is a social commentary on (my) life”.

Sarah Wilkins is a New Zealand born illustrator working globally for the publishing, advertising and design worlds. She has won several notable awards including the Australian Illustrators and AOI World Illustration Awards, LIANZA Russell Clark Award for illustration, NZ Post Children’s Book Awards Finalist and the Storylines Notable Book Award. Her distinctive illustrations are made using a combination of acrylic, gouache and ink. While her illustrations are typically used to accompany stories, Sarah will have an opportunity to present her beautiful narratives for their own sake in this exhibition.

Camille Walton is known primarily as a Wellington-based jeweller but her arts practice includes sculpture and drawing.  In each of these mediums, Camille embraces the whimsical daily life and makes it extraordinary.  Discussing her practice she explains that the combination of practice and materials all feed into one another: “Throughout my life I have explored all kinds of creative outlets, and found that I can encompass all the elements I enjoy from working in other mediums into my jewellery. The colour and expressiveness of painting, the absorbing detail of drawing and in sculpture the tactile experience of modelling with the endless possibilities of materials.” 

Balancing Act refers to the fine balance faced by many female artists juggling their art practice with life – be it family or other occupations.  Despite the contrast of mediums (sculpture and illustration), the artists each present a celebration of the figure – in motion, in nature, dreams or in contemplation.

Please join us on Friday 25th October at 5pm for the opening
of this exhibition.

25 October – 19 November 2019