Artist - Ximena Ferré

Ximena Ferré is a contemporary jeweller residing in Auckland.

"With a background in Communications and Design, I've always had a passion for those elements that help us communicate the idea of who we are. So once we returned to Auckland, I continued my studies and started creating some of those elements through jewellery.

Everything I do feels like an experiment at play. One has to be willing to try new things, specially in an industry with such a traditional background. Invariably, when one does that, amazing things happen. 

I’ve always been intrigued by how people use visual elements as a way of expression. It is fascinating to me how colours, shapes, and materials have intrinsic meanings that transfer to the wearer and the spectator allowing for silent interactions between them.

I like to create pieces that embody strength and raw beauty and hopefully empower those that wear them."

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