Artist - William & Emerson

Nikki MacDonnell is the creator behind William & Emerson a small boutique manufacturer of candles and wares from Petone Wellington. 

Having spent years treading the boards in Wellington Theatres she felt it was time to try her hand at something else creative. After completing a lead lighting course and replacing and restoring several lead light windows in her home Nikki was looking for the perfect jar for another creative project, candlemaking. The iconic NZ 750ml beer bottle was about the right shape and size for a unique type of candle for men. Initially she cut the bottles herself by hand spending hours polishing out any sharp edges so that after the candle was finished the vessel could be used again.  With a sensitive nose and an eye for detail a wooden wick was chosen combined with unusual fragrances like whiskey, tobacco and leather.
“I found these smells intoxicating and powerfully nostalgic … our customers
comment that our candles remind them of places or things or Granddad.”
Today master bottle cutter Jon Wall still cuts and finishes each bottle by hand, while Nikki focuses on developing new candle experiences while still hand mixing and pouring each Mandle and candle made. In 2016 all the hours of effort and the bold experiments paid off when William & Emerson won the Handmade section at the Australian Gifts and Lifestyle Awards.