Artist - Will Bennett

Kina NZ Design + Art Space is pleased to present an exhibition of new works by emerging artist Will Bennett. Gatherings is the first exhibition of Bennett’s current research into his direct experiences and memories of a Taranaki childhood. At the heart of each painting is a gathering but the true content remains ambiguous in its place and time. 

Through the process of painting, Bennett re-invents representations of memory, using the snap-shot photographs of everyday events from his childhood, his own experiences, ideas and research to respond to the banality of everyday life, asking questions around the nature of perception and our memory of a place and time.

Bennett grew up in Toko, painting the same landscapes as renowned artist Toss Wollaston once did in the same location. It is this influence and a rural upbringing, which has made Bennett sensitive to the New Zealand Gothic Aesthetic with its emphasis on an empty, sparse and lonely landscape. His earlier paintings were often ambiguous and dark but not directly linked to his own life. However, a move to Wellington to study Fine Arts at Massey University has seen him focus on his own experiences of growing up in rural Taranaki.

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