Artist - Tanya Blong


Born in Australia and bred on the shores of Taranaki, Blong studied at Hungry Creek Art and Craft School, graduating in 2006. Her work ranges across 2D and 3D mediums, she has exhibited in New Zealand and Australia. Her work is held in international private and public collections.

The instinctive bond between humans and nature, is known as Biophillia, this term is at the core of Tanya Blong’s work, it is the relationships that humans have with nature, the lessons learnt from nature. Sense of place, time and identity all play into the work, creating a narrative in a dark beauty, hinting at a heady and slightly intoxicating environment. Our deep affiliation with the natural world surely is biological, our ancestors needed to have connection with the land to survive, to spot, detect and remember flowers that bore fruits, to forecast plant cycles and growing times. Our natural love for all living things in turn sustains life. In the modern day we have short changed ourselves of this connection, yet we will always be dependent on it, therefore we need the connection and state of Biophillia to sustain it.