Artist - Susan Braithwaite

Susan Braithwaite is an inventive and quirky artist.
She turns vintage tins into quirky, kiwiana inspired artworks and jewellery.

The books and stories Susan read at the time growing up dealt with children who would have spiffing adventures with kindly grandparents who lived in picturesque cottages where they would spend their summer holidays, where, of course, the big adventure would take place.

Her work is nostalgic for what she really wanted to experience as a child. Old kindly grandmothers with dusty attics full of treasure, countryside rambles with a bottle of pop and a scruffy dog. Susan uses nostalgic-inducing antique tins and other found objects to make her unique artwork.

Susan doesn’t always have a meaning to why she first starts to make something. It’s usually total chaos and mess at first. She will spread everything out and stare at it for a while. Sometimes later on, walking past a piece she has started, and then answers or meanings will come. Sometimes, there is no other meaning than just to make something quirky, or pretty and have some fun.

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