Serena Buonaguidi-Haynes

Serena was born in London in 1968 to Danish/Italian parents. She studied Fine Art and Sculpture at Epsom Art College, were she started casting faces and taught herself basic prosthetics. She went on to become a successful makeup artist, working in advertising. She now works as a full time painter and is based in Nelson.
Painting with the canvases flat on the floor she uses bold brush strokes for the background and finger painting for the figures using pencil and wire to scratch in the finer detail.
The inspiration to paint deer and birds came from moving from the city to an amazing lifestyle block and being surrounded by wildlife in Nelson, New Zealand.
Serena’s paintings are often perceived as other worldly, embracing the mythical aesthetic, appearing ethereal, fragile and dream like.
Her new circular and oval pieces are a window into their world, you connect with them and it's like you have caught a moment in time. With the pieces the animals often make eye contact with each other and sometimes they look out and make eye contact with you.