Artist - Rachael Garland exhibition

Kina NZ Design + Artspace is pleased to host the return of Whanganui artist Rachael Garland, with her exhibition Guides For Lost Souls.

Rachael last exhibited at Kina in 2011 with a collection of paintings, so it is exciting to see the development of a new genre of work since that time. Rachael was originally a printmaker-turned-painter and since last exhibiting at Kina has continued her studio practice, completed her Masters Degree and more recently has extended her work into the sculptural, object-based realm.

Concepts around mythology and memory, imagination, dream-like imagery, symbols, story-telling and intuition are still in play and underpin Rachael’s work, the same kind of themes and ideas that have always been present in her earlier prints and paintings. It could even be said that her painted characters have morphed themselves off the canvas and manifested themselves in three dimensional form.

As with her earlier work, Rachael strongly relies on ‘found’ elements to inform her work, utilising parts of reclaimed furniture, architecture and an array of household objects, before deconstructing and reconstructing them with hand-crafted elements, to create new forms.

There is a continuing strong nod towards figurative representation with symbolic doll-like characters that often have subtle narratives infused in their construction. 

Guides for Lost Souls is a new body of sculpture and paintings which Rachael says ‘explores the notion of transition’. When change is inevitable or imminent, humans often venture into a symbolic, transitional and often introspective space. This space alters our emotional landscape. Guides for Lost Souls presents an array of characters, or what could be called tiny totems, who offer a reflective dialogue between past, present and future, real and imagined, and with persons, places, objects, things and the memories of these things.  Being wall-mounted, they become quiet observers.

Alongside these sculptural characters is a small collection of complementary paintings in which present as internal, landscapes.

The gallery will host an opening reception on Friday 3rd August from 5-7PM.

This collection is empty.