Artist - Nannestad & Sons

Paul and Wendy Nannestad are husband and wife and designers/makers/owners of Nannestad & Sons. They are passionate about creating handmade furniture and nice things using both modern and traditional materials and techniques. Their style is an eclectic mix of Dutch/Norwegian craft & design.

Paul is a cabinet maker and Wendy a product designer. They both grew up with a love of crafts and making things from an early age. Wendy spent most of her career working as an industrial designer within design consultancies and manufacturers and Paul a cabinetmaker for both marine & commercial interiors. They always dreamed of having their own business that combined their skills and experience and enabled them to spend more time with their sons. So you could say, this combined with the fact that they actually love working together – they are very much, a match made in heaven!...haha cheesy, yes they know!”