Artist - Misery Guts


Tanja’s work, under the name Misery, graces streets and galleries around the world. With a childhood dream of fighting crime with Astro Boy, and a number of little humans in her life these days (including her own little lady and Shelly’s two little monsters), its no surprise that in 2013 Tanja and Shelly started work on developing Misery Guts, for little humans.

Misery Guts, allows Tanja to explore her inner child. To escape beyond Miseryland where Misery lives, to a land where vampires dance with Bananas, where kids can live their dreams and where all the things that make New Zealand unique, come to life. In a way that only Tanja can bring them to life. 

We have some of the toughest critics critique our art and products (the little humans in our lives) to ensure we’re providing you with, well, with what they say they love, and stuff that stylish big humans can relate to too.

Our NZ designed products are produced here and around the world, using quality materials from amazingly cool people and more recently Fair Trade Nepal & Sri Lanka made products, ethically made for ethically good humans. Our products feature our unique Misery Guts characters, our art is finished ready to hang or display, adorning the bedrooms of the little humans (and big humans) in your life, and our other products, well we think they speak for themselves.

So go on - TRY THEM!