Artist - Marlene Strode

Although art has been a rapturous experience for me for the whole of my life, my professional art journey began five years ago when I completed my Diploma in Creativity (Hons) at The Learning Connexion in Taita. My diploma began as a painter, however, I was quickly captivated by the alchemy of the silversmith. I particularly enjoyed the ‘lost wax’ process where I can carve form from a block of wax and cast it into sterling silver. 
To work with wax, I taught myself how to melt, add, and take away the medium such that I could create a form that resembles an aspect of nature. In much the same way, working the silver, polishing it, and realising that it has a ‘life’ of its own has allowed me to touch the depths of my own life and spirit. This reciprocal relationship has carried me into worlds are deeply transformative and multi-dimensional.