Artist - Karen Sole


| Land | Village | Fences |             Opening Friday 18 January, 5 pm 

Kina NZ Design + Artspace is pleased to host Napier based artist Karen Sole, with her solo exhibition | Land | Village | Fences |.

Karen has been painting consistently for four years. In that time she has exhibited at galleries and exhibition spaces in Napier and Havelock North, and more recently at Kina NZ Design + Art Space.

Early works were highly graphical, conceived of as 2D totems: their spirit and substance drawn from deep feeling about land, culture and humanity. Subsequent work explored the diaspora of people out of Africa and the Middle East, climate change, and the feeling of places that have “stuck to my bones”. The fuel for her work ranges from joyful rage to pure and passionate delight in nature and her interaction with it.

Her work is passionate and bold.

The series | Land | Village | Fences | is an exploration of Parihaka, as a powerful place in time and a series of pivotal historic events that continue to stir the collective psyche in Taranaki and Aotearoa-New Zealand. Symbolic colours and shapes tell the story of peaceful beginnings, resistance, and then desecration and finally a dream of clarity. The mountain, sentinel, keeper of secrets, place of mana and meaning is pervasive, as is the village or sometimes a single whare: shelter, gathering place, and a place to stand/turangawaewae.

Karen Sole grew up in South Taranaki, in the shadow of our mountain, but heard nothing and suspected nothing of this critical part of our history until she read Dick Scott’s enlightening Ask That Mountain: The Story of Parihaka. This series is partly an act of homage to him, and oku tipuna (ancestors) who were and are there, as well as an expression of her rage, wonder, and hope. It all flowed from heart to hand in symbolic shapes and colours.

“Parihaka for me it is not so much a place on a geographical map as a place in the heart and mind. My vision is of the mountain in the village and the village in the mountain, not side-by-side, but inextricably bound together by shared mana".

The gallery will host an opening reception on Friday 18th January from 5-7 PM.