Artist - Karen Sole

"My work is increasingly caught up in what we are doing here on this planet to mess things up or how we get messed up. Finding beauty in chaos, chaos in beauty.
The pandemic has insisted on my attention since late February. Prior to that the country fires in Australia held me in their sizzling arms for weeks. That series continued my long term preoccupation with the climate emergency, intersecting with another: indigenous people’s rights. Country fires because that acknowledges the Aboriginal use of country to denote their particular mob’s 80,000 years of occupancy in an area.
Occasionally a botanical piece pops out. Since the Land Village Fences exhibition at Kina, a series reflecting on my mother and our family life to mark the first anniversary of her slipping away and another series of architectural celebration intervened in the joyous rage procession.
My journey into 3D work has started with several pieces of a large table top size pieces and some jewellery, all made of paper and adhesive, aka paper mache. I love using an easily found, recyclable material and the meditative experience of building up the pieces, the wet malleability followed by steely strength when dry. Other 3D projects are just begun works in progress".
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