Artist - Justin Culina

Justin studied glass at Wanganui in 2002, after which he worked for and alongside many New Zealand and international glass artists. After working as a glass artist for several years in New Zealand and the US, his passion led him to take the plunge and start his own hot glass studio. Culina Glass, based in Whangarei was opened in 2008.

Justin moved his hotshot onto a rural property at Whangarei Heads in 2012. This has given him freer access to local beaches and a closer relationship with the natural surrounds. Days spent roaming Whangarei Heads many beaches gives him the inspiration needed to create new work.

The summer of 2016 Justin has been creating works inspired by land & sea and the way they interact. He has been exploring tidal patterns, island forms and watching the changes in the estuary.
“The fluidity of glass lends itself well to ocean forms, creating a natural relationship between my passion for the sea and my passion for hot glass”.

Justin’s childhood was spent exploring the Pacific on a sailboat, giving him a lifelong fascination with geography, topography and the natural world. These things continue to inspire and inform him in his work.

“I feel it's important to work with the glass in a way that utilises the shapes that it naturally wants to assume, appreciating and working with the tendencies of the medium. Capturing the beautiful liquid forms and stunning colours that glass offers is the challenge. I hope that this love and respect for glass and the natural world is reflected in my work”.

His current works are exhibited in a number of New Zealand galleries and overseas venues.