Artist - John Shewry


Seven to Ten - the life span of cells

September 2020

 "Jumping down social media worm holes has become an unfortunate habit of mine, although luckily I sometimes resurface with new inspiration. This particular occasion I’d spent some time watching crazy psychedelic looking microbes bring life and take it. Something close to me for many reasons.

The artificial intelligence in my smart phone (always all seeing and knowing) habitually baits me with more and more common content (it’s the modern version of taking acid I think). I’ve joyfully discovered thousands of crazy bacteria and human cells, all phenomenally beautiful, simple but extremely complex and intertwined with each in order to work.
I felt instantly attached to this minutiae world , its ideas, colours and forms, but decided to depict them more fluid and surreal.

Typically I like to have a strong narrative working long before I start the journey of creating a collection. It helps when the togetherness tells the whole story but the individual pages make it beautiful.
With these first few pieces it grew from the first human cell to a large collection, just like life itself. The underlying idea an abstract of realism with bold powerful colour.
These works are interpretations of cells and bacteria, some very real and some have artistic license. The beauty of these amazing little things is insane , my hope was to capture something like that in scale .
It’s been a really nice rest from my norm and one I’d like to visit again one day soon."