Jo McLean

Jo is an English born artist with a B.A. (Hons) in ceramics. She moved to New Zealand in 1994.
Jo chooses birds as her subject matter because for her, they represent a lightness of spirit, freedom and escape. Birds have the ability to inhabit two worlds, two elements simultaneously. Jo continues to find something compelling about their physical form and their spiritual essence that she wants to capture but that remains elusive.
For the ‘Wild Things’ exhibition Jo has included a few foreign ' interlopers' as well as her favourite native birds; the magpie with its sharp, graphic black and white design, the barn owl with its beautiful heart-shaped face and the rook a childhood familiar that nested around her home in England. 
“I always found the rooks to be on one hand very sinister but at other times rather comical striding across the fields and arguing with each other”.

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