Artist - Jo Kinnell

I have been a jewellery freak since I was 18 when I made a decision to have only “real” jewellery, only gold or silver and natural stones and pearls. no muck metal, or fake stones. It had never occurred to me that I could actually make it until at 49, I decided that I wanted to open a shop specialising in silver jewellery. I wanted to stock modern and bold designs, so I went to my friendly neighbourhood jeweller Rob Wright, to ask if he could teach me to size rings and do small jobs. Before long I was sizing engagement rings. It takes a while to learn how the metal behaves and that if I could visualise the finished piece, I could make it. I love the wonderful variety of stones that nature provides, made more beautiful by the lapidary's skill. So really, the stones, shapes, colours and textures are what spark my imagination.