Artist - Jennifer Laracy

There was always something creative going on in my home growing up, so have naturally been guided towards life as a maker of things.

I studied visual arts at Whitireia Community Polytechnic majoring in fine metals under the excellent tutelage of Peter Deckers graduating in 2001.

My Grandfather, Morrie Win worked as self-employed manufacturing jeweller in Porirua. Learning the trade as a disabled serviceman after WW2. His work holds huge inspiration for me and is a part of my love of jewellery making and design.

As well as using precious metals I often use raw stones in my work, as there is a wonderful sense of tension in a piece of crystal that traditional jewels cannot offer. I also use shell, wool, rework found and marine plastics and use paint.

My workbooks play an important role in my creative process and my work often has many layers of meaning.  I am always collecting bits and pieces, love to draw and am often influenced by words, poetry, and the odd newspaper article. Jewellery can take on the personal value that far exceeds that of which it is made, in that respect jewellery as a medium utterly appealing.

I am currently taking part in Handshake4 a contemporary jewellery Mentoring and exhibition project